4 Aspects to consider when you create your own website

If you have reached this place you already know that any business needs to be online, that’s why it needs its own website. Even the smallest idea or initiative must be heard online to have credibility, that’s why we’re here to help with a few tips for your future website.

Having a website has become a common thing, but when you want to make a statement online with your idea you have to know some rules. There are a lot of advantages having your business online but it is essential to have a well-developed website to reach your goal, that’s why you should ask the pros.

Here are a few rules to consider when you want to create your own online store or website for your business.

A website is not a blog. Here are the distinctions:

For starters, it’s important to know the difference between the two. A personal blog is a place where you send messages to a community of readers and followers. You can personally post on a blog or have a few other people assigned by you provide content which is permanently updated. You need constant content for your blog to grow, usually on a weekly basis. The blog doesn’t need a professional look, only good content to bring people together with common interests, so that’s why interesting topics need to be approached.

Most bloggers tend to cover subjects in their industry (cooking, marketing, beauty), and the s number of bloggers is greatly smaller than those who choose to build a website.

As far as the website is concerned, the content is static, professional and descriptive, it is not targeted for a community but to present certain goods, services or projects. When using a blog, the communication is bilateral, being maintained through comments and reader’s reactions, while a website can be evaluated through reviews and testimonials.

As such, a lot of people choose to have a website and it has become a must that any business is represented by a presentation site.

How to optimize a website. Here are the key elements:

As I previously mentioned, the online medium has started making its own rules on creating a website. Basically, the main thing that dictates the quality of a website is the UX (user experience). This means that you have to make a website dedicated to the user, with a friendly well optimized interface with quality content.

Moreover, the web’s search engines are your friend if you know what to provide. A SEO optimized website is extremely important to have a good reputation on Google, Bing or Yahoo, three of the most important search engines in the world.

It is necessary to consult a developer before you start creating a new website. After you come up with a plan for your ideal website, you can address us so that we can built together exactly what you want.

A website is always client oriented

The website is an online space which presents certain products or services that appeal to the client. That is why you have to offer quality and relevant content, attractive materials, high quality images and video content to persuade future clients. An interactive site will be as much important to your client as are achieving your goals.

The simple act of accessing your website is not enough, it is important the client comes back and subscribes to what you have to offer. Therefore besides the services and products offered, it is important to have a good structured website.

How important is speed for your users?

One of the most important aspects for a website is the loading speed for the page. Most users exit the page if the website has not loaded in 3 seconds. We can choose to create a site with all the information on one page, but is it efficient?

The answer is NO. Let’s consider the fact that over 50% of users navigate through a mobile phone. A website with all the information on one page will have a long response time, especially on a mobile phone.

A user will spend more time on a website with structured information like categories or subcategories, as long as the first page loads between 2 to 4 seconds.

A very important factor for the speed of the website is the number of pages and their size. A graphic designer can aid you in making a proper personalized site.

If your website has videos, it is a good advice to put them on separate pages, unless you have a single video that has a small size. It is important to know that posting videos that are not your own can trigger copyright issues and can extend the loading speed of the page. It is recommended to upload the videos on the website through your own server.